Monday, November 16, 2009

Ana's Candy Buffet

Here are some shots of Ana's Candy Buffet. The girls loved it and I thought it came out looking very cute! (Then again I'm a candy lover so how could you not just love a table full of it?!). But special thanks to my wonderful husband ;) who transported and set up the ENTIRE thing with Mr. B since I had to take my Praxis II exam. He did such a nice job didn't he?!

Cake Pops for Ana

These were part of a dessert/candy bar I did for Ana's 8th brithday party. Pictures of that should be up soon! These little cupcake pops were a hit- vanilla cake and vanilla frosting on the inside, chocolate candy coating on the outside.

Cupcakes in the City!

Here's a shot of one out of a set of 50 cupcakes for Brandon's co-worker's birthday at BNY Mellon. Very cute.

Food For Thought...

Always approach love and cooking with reckless abandon. -Dalai Lama