Monday, February 1, 2010

Kristina and Adam's Engagement Party Cake

I made a cake this past weekend for a wonderful girl name Kristina and her fiance Adam. She had a fun idea to start with and the cake came out wondefully! The ring she gave me to use is originally intended as a novelty napkin ring but it worked perfectly in her cake. The inside was vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean frosting. Delicious. I have to share a very sweet note she wrote me after her party:

"Hi Jacqueline,
I just wanted to say thank you so so much for making our engagement party cake, it turned out fabulous and we really couldn't have been happier. We got soooo many compliments on the cake (both on how it looked and tasted). My wedding isn't until next May and the venue provides us with a wedding cake- but I will absolutely be in touch with you to make all of the cakes I need for any other occasion
(birthdays, bridal shower, etc)! You are extreamly talented and should be very proud of your work.
Thanks again,
Kristina & Adam"

Food For Thought...

Always approach love and cooking with reckless abandon. -Dalai Lama