Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

So I guess it is now tradition for me to try and squeeze too much into my visits home. I just can't help it. For some reason home+Mom+Mom's-fabulous-kitchen-and-everything-in-it=baking! for me. I'll plan months in advance of a trip home what I want to cook for dinner or bake for dessert. I store up my recipes and copy pages out of cookbooks and come armed and prepared to camp out in the kitchen. Part of this trip home was squeezing in sugar cookies. I wanted to try just simple and pretty snowflakes with Mom's new snowflake cutters (so cute!).

We were doing well with the dough all made and waiting for us in the refrigerator, but time snuck up on us and after decorating the tree Saturday night there was just no energy left over to start on the cookies. We were baking/icing/decorating all these cookies up until the minutes Brandon and I had to pack up and walk out the door. Sammy managed to be hired and fired all at once as Mom and my bakery's apprentice (but he did do such a nice job on his cookies!). And Brandon got to show off his white piping skills with a very, er.. original spider man snowflake- nice job hun! (Spider man snowflake not pictured hehe).

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carina nella perugia! said...

Jacquie these are beautiful! I am definitely the same way when I'm home, cooking/baking up a storm haha. When are you coming home again? I haven't seen you in forever and would love to change that :)

love, Karen

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