Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4th Birthday Cake: Dinosaur Train

One of my favorite cakes yet! The inside is vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream. The birthday boy's favorite show is a new one called "Dinosaur Train" and those are his two favorite characters- Tiny and Buddy (or is it Shiny?). The show looks really cute, I'll have to keep it in mind for miss Lilly. I have to share this little jingle though. It's really cute and indirectly addresses adoption, and acceptance. I need to find an episode and watch it for myself.

Once upon a time, there was a mom,
Her name was Mrs. Pteranadon.
Sitting in her nest, she heard a scratching
And said, “Oh boy! My eggs are hatching!”
One by one, her kids popped free,
Baby pteranodons one, two, three.
“I’ll name them Tiny, Shiny, and Don.”
But Tiny said, “Wait! There’s one more Mom.”
The last little baby was a different size
With teeth and a tail and big green eyes.
He didn’t look anything like the rest.
“What am I doing in a pteranodon nest?”
But dear old Mrs. Pteranodon said,
“This is your family, and I’m your mom.
You may different, but we’re all creatures.
All dinosaurs have different features.
Come on Buddy, we’ll take a vacation.
I’ll get us a ticket at Pteranodon Station.
We’ll travel the world in sunshine and rain
And meet all the species on the
Dinosaur Train!”


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this cake! You did an excellent job! My son loves Dinosaur Train and I am making him a cake for his 3rd birthday. I hope mine turns out as awesome as yours!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you! I hope your cake turns out awesome as well :)

The Mrs. said...

This cake is awesome - you did an amazing job! I'd like to make a few of the characters to add to my daughter's birthday cake, she's a big fan of the show. You've definitely inspired me. You are an incredible cake decorator!

@Colorado_Mom said...

Love this cake! Amazing!!!

Angie said...

I'm been searching the internet for ideas for my 4 year old grandson's birthday cake........well, I think I've just found it!!! The cake is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Toni said...

Love it! I hope your Lilly likes Dinosaur Train. I have soon-to-be-one year old daughter. Dinosaur Train is her main interest (Elmo is a close 2nd), so that's our current party plan. Thanks again for sharing!

*landons auntie* said...

Hello! I love your Dinosaur Train cake! My nephew is about to turn 2 and my sister asked me to make a dinosaur cake. While I have the cake figured out I wanted to make little figurines like the ones you made of Tiny and Buddy... I just tried to kind of failed! Any tips/suggestions on how I should create them? Would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)

Amer-Lynne said...

Oh my I LOVE this cake! My son saw it and loved it. He started asking if it was going to be his. I hope I can find someone that can make one close to this one for his 4th birthday in 2 weeks. Thanks for the idea.

Barbie said...

Hmm how much would it cost for you to make and ship this cake to me!? :)

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