Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lauren's Birthday Cake

Here is my second attempt at a fondant cake... for this one I got a little more ambitious and decided to do a chocolate cake (2 tiers, 2 layers each) with chocolate ganache between each layer as well as a little simple syrup with raspberry extract. Underneath the fondant is a white buttercream frosting. Then to finish it all off was the MM Fondant and gumpaste polka dots. This was quite the process considering Adam's small kitchen (and my cluelessness as to where alot of things were). Thanks for keeping me company Erica! NOTE TO MYSELF- MMF Should be made in the microwave (sorry Adam haha), not on the stove. Stoves=disaster.

We took this cake out to Emiliano's (a fantastic Mexican place) for Lauren's Bday dinner. All of Adam's family was there!! The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was so neat! A nice warm type of feeling in the middle of this freeeezing Pittsburgh winter. I found some little Mexicano froggies that were too cute!

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