Thursday, February 28, 2008

University Art Gallery

My drawing class just went to the opening of the Installation Artwork class' spring exhibition. It was a neat little experience. (Any pitt people reading this, you should take a half hour and walk through it, it's really worth it!) The entry is filled with GIANT red balloons, some filled with more amounts of helium than others I guess. You can play with these, throw them, pop them up, bounce them... It's fun! The next room you walk into is covered, in almost a stained glass or mosaic type of way, with paint sample pieces, all arranged in color groups. This was somewhat reminiscent of a Gaudi design or something like that. There was a blue plastic tunnel with a water drop music element playing. That was a strange feeling... Almost like being underwater or in a sewer haha. There's also another tunnel like design that you walk through made entirely of newspaper and giant trash bags filled with newspaper. That one was strange. You had to climb over the filled trash bags and stuff. There's an explanatory talk from the artist's on Wednesday at noon that I'm going to try and go to. Hopefully that will shed some light on the interesting stuff that I just saw.

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