Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jack Cake for Dad's Birthday

What did I want to do after my horrific experience at the airport early saturday morning? Bake of course. My Dad and I have a long standing analogy of a little mouse sneaking into the liquor cabinet to steal his Jack Daniel's Whiskey... (the story he tells himself to explain the rapid decrease in amount of alcohol in the bottle after all his children swear like angels that they did not take it!). Anyway, he's been begging for me to draw a picture of this scene in his head so I thought I'd be ambitious and make him this cake as a late bday present. It did not go so well... the bottle shape was horrendously unstable and lopsided. And it was particularly difficult to get the fondant over top of the strange shape. I ran out of brown food coloring for the piping and my Mom thinks the little mouse looks like a giant rat/polar bear/hippo. Haha so it was an experience in itself, I learned some great things about the MMF (that the microwave is my BEST friend for example...), and that you really really can make fondant dark black and brown, it just takes alot of coloring!! It will taste good I'm sure... dark chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant. Don't ask how I will cut it!! I have no idea!! I did have a great time making this cake. Mom, Michael, Nick and Sammy all helped and kept me company while I made a giant mess of the kitchen. Little Sammy knocked over the icing beaters which was so funny, making a huge mess all over the carpet by the sink. It was nice to be back home with everyone finally :)

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